730 sqft Toledo D log Cabin

Toledo D Floorplan (dimensions in cm)

Toledo D - 730 sqft

This prefabricated log home kit makes a perfect lake cabin for a family with children.

It has an open livingroom/kitchen area, a bathroom big enough for a shower, toilet and sink, two good sized bedrooms and a spacious loft (which can only be used for storage in BC according to the building code).

The spacious covered patio protects the entrance door, provides a nice protected outdoor space and adds to the charming look of the cabin.

Toledo D Topview


Technical Specifications
Inside space 730 square feet including loft
Size of covered front porch 110 square feet
Doors & Windows One exterior door, 6 windows, 3 interior doors
Loft Sleeping loft above bedrooms with access ladder
Floor boards 1 1/8" thick
Wall Logs 2 3/4" thick
Roof boards 3/4" thick
Wall hight 103"



Toledo D kit with 2 3/4" wall logs, delivered from warehouse in Ontario:    CAD$ 28,500*

 *All prices plus tax and shipping.